UTSOLGT! Muddy What? på Eftasbluesen

💥 MUDDY WHAT? – That’s traditional style with a modern fresh twist for new Blues horizons * German Blues Challenge winners in 2021

📍 MARCH 23 2024, 15:00h
Lillehammer Mikrobryggeri
Elvegata 19, 2609 Lillehammer, NO

🔥 What these three young musicians serve up to the audience is rich, earthy blues at its best. Close to the traditional roots that each song seems to have, but just as fresh and alive in the present. Muddy What? has become an outstanding representative of the so-called New Blues. Recognition from professional circles is high, as demonstrated by, among other things, winning the Germann Blues Challenge 2021. The Spang siblings are burning for their New Blues with heart blood and passion, you can hear that very quickly. Their musical hearts clearly beat in sync and with just as much intensity. How deep this music is in them, was shown especially by the many original compositions.

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DATO 23. mar

KLOKKEN: 15:00

PRIS: 300